Open Skies 2018

Dear pilots and aviation fans,

It is the tradition of our IVAO Czech Division, the annual so-called thirty hour event. From this year, it’s “Open Skies” , it’s better and it’ll take place in the autumn in our Virtual International Air Traffic Control Center in Pilsen with “opened doors” for everyone, that means you can visit us with your friends or family personally in Pilsen’s center of robotics and meet with pilots and air traffic controllers as well. If you can’t come in person, you can fly from your home using our booking. Our RFE system moves the quality of the event even higher, because you can book flight with real time, flight number, aircraft and airline from real world!

The event starts on Friday 23rd November 2018 at 17:00z (UTC) and ends on Saturday 24th November 2018 at 23:00z (UTC).
Book this date to your calendar and fly with us and enjoy yourself one of the biggest event of the IVAO network!

Our trained air traffic controllers will cover whole Czech Republic for 30 hours from just one room. Air traffic controllers will work in shifts to keep them in full energy.
So have you decided? Let us know! Fill the form below and follow our instructions. We have to notice, that there is limited space for pilots. If you just want to visit us, you don’t have to fill the form.

And how does the traffic looked like in past years?
This time-lapse from 2013 shows how much traffic you should expect:
You can also check the report from Czech TV news to image it better: forum post link

Booking system:

We need you, pilots, for successful realization of the event! Therefore we prepared real flight booking system, where you can book more than 1000 real flights including real route, flight level, aircraft, callsign. The system is enough sophisticated, that ATC can delay your flight if the airport is overcrowded. That’s a real procedure in real traffic, basically ARAIG!
If you don’t find your flight, add it as a free IFR slot and it will get approved in few minutes, then you are able to fly! This feature is useful for two pilots who want to fly the same flight together.


What you can earn by flying to Prague FIR?

As always, we prepared few awards that can be added to your profile if you complete all criteria.

Pilot Events Award


This award is for first 10 active pilots, who make the most flights from/to LKAA FIR using our booking system.

Aviation Celebration Tours and Events Award


This award is for pilots, who will fly at least 4 flights using our booking system. Long haul flights (flights which are longer than 4 hours) will be calculated as 2 flights.

Division Meeting Award


This award will get every member, who will be personally in Virtual International Air Traffic Control Center in Pilsen.
For visit in person, contact us prior the event on Tato emailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty, abyste ji viděli, povolte JavaScript !