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LKAA FIR 30HRS Online 2014

Dear friends, pilots and ATCos, IVAO Czech Division fans,

you surely have already noticed, that we are preparing (like as in the past years), another 30 hours of fun for you and your metallic darlings. It's time to start with engine inspections, polishing your metal plates, cleaning your boards and updating on-board databases. In return, we ill set our control room in city Kolin, Czech Republic - in order to provide you ATC services from this one room to simulate real control centre.


As this traditional, favourite, the largest in the year and very successful event is coming by "mile steps", we would like to inform you about what you can look forward to. Most of the time our ATC positions will be covered by ATCs that are selected with care and trained, who should be able to handle traffic event in the most rush hours. For your more intense experience, there will be a large number of flights in our booking system prepared according to real models. This time it will not be RFE (Real Flight Event), but like in the last year the booking system will be very similar to this arrangement. In our highly sophisticated system we will serve you the flights including flight routes, recommended aircrafts and airlines, available charts and sceneries to every single aerodrome.

More information at www.ivao.cz/30H