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Cheery Christmas Celebration of Crazy Callsigns

Dear friends,

the Christmas time is coming again, as obviously every year, and Czech division has traditionally prepared the most funny IVAO event. Would you like to be controlled by "Santa radar" or surprise controllers with your callsign such as "Lost Raindeer 002" or "Most Wanted Present 999" ? Then we would like to invite you, for a fifth time, to this special Cheery Christmas Celebration of Crazy Callsigns event.


Just choose your own pretty, funny, Christmas-tuned or special callsign and come to Praha to enjoy a lot of fun and this before-Christmas atmosphere in a way we do.
Do you remember last four years ?

We have decided to give a small Chrismtas present to all participants during this event.

Aviation Celebration Tours and Events award

Requirements to obtain an award:

1) Arrive OR Depart at LKPR between 1900UTC and 2100UTC *
2) Communicate with ATC using nonstandard callsign **
3) Report your participation HERE ***

* Only one flight is required for the award. Anyway, we would be happy for two flights :-)
** The radio callsign should be stated in your flightplan as indicated below
*** We just need your IVAO VID and callsign (either icao code or full radio callsign). Then it will be checked manually and you will be emailed when awarded.

Please, write your full callsign to your FP Remark (FP Item 18) using one of these forms (for callsign Santa, for example...)


Come and join us to enjoy this Chrismtas atmosphere and so much fun on our virtual skies. We all are looking forward to your flights and callsigns.


Prague - Ruzyně (LKPR) = (FS2004/FSX)


Praha - Ruzyně (LKPR) = charts.aero