Levé pozadí


Welcome to webpage of Czech divison of IVAO. In the upper right corner there is a menu, in which you can switch between the website sections. In appropriate section you will find links to download sceneries of the most important Czech airports and, of course, charts of them.

On the right side you can see all upcoming events of Czech division. You can also report your participation in these events, after every reportable event you will find a link to

the report form below this article.

Are you interested in controlling Czech airspace? We have no problem with Guest Controller Approval, but we have several conditions:

- Ability to control IFR and VFR flights in both czech and english language (understanding the

language and fluent speaking)

- Be able to coordinate and read training materials and other czech documents. (Be able to

read text written in czech language)

- Minimal ATC rating of ADC (Aerodrome Controller)

- Pass a special examination for each ATC position you would like to control at.  

Note: Division reserves right to reject the GCA request without giving any reason.

In case you have any questions, please contact us at our Forum (can be found in upper right corner) or contact any staff member via e-mail.