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Prague FIR 36H Online 2017

Dear firends,

it is the tradition of our IVAO Division that the biggest event of the season, the so-called thirty six hour event, will take place in the autumn. We would like to inform you about the basic information about this event and especially about the date. The world famous event "Prague FIR 36H Online 2017" will take place simultaneously with Prague RFE - Real Flight Event. In practice it means that there will be a booking system for flights where you will find only real flights to / from the Czech Republic.

Start: Friday 17NOV 2017 11:00UTC

End: Saturday 18NOV 2017 23:00UTC

You can look forward to a high quality ATC coverage over the Czech Republic non-stop for a 36 hours. More detailed information about event's planning will be available in few weeks here on IVAO Czech division website: www.ivao.cz/36H.


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Karel Král