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Prague FIR 36H Online 2017

Dear firends,

it is the tradition of our IVAO Division that the biggest event of the season, the so-called thirty six hour event, will take place in the autumn. We would like to inform you about the basic information about this event and especially about the date. The world famous event "Prague FIR 36H Online 2017" will take place simultaneously with Prague RFE - Real Flight Event. In practice it means that there will be a booking system for flights where you will find only real flights to / from the Czech Republic.

Start: Friday 17NOV 2017 11:00UTC

End: Saturday 18NOV 2017 23:00UTC

You can look forward to a high quality ATC coverage over the Czech Republic non-stop for a 36 hours.


For those who have never participated in this event. This is a world-famous 36 hour event of the IVAO Czech Division, where all traffic over the Czech Republic is continuously controlled throughout the event and full ATC coverage over LKAA FIR is ensured.

Air Traffic Controllers will provide you the best services for unbelievable 36 hours. These controllers have passed all trainings and tests and will control you from the one vIATCC in Kolín city in Czech Republic. A group of about 20 people will be changing behind the radar screens according to the prepared shifts so everyone will have time for rest.

For successful event we need you, pilots! That's why we have spent some time with intensive preparation and we have created a special booking system. We have put more than 700 flights into our RFE, which reproduce Prague traffic of two summer days that actually happened. Private flights were excluded due to their nature. All these exotic destinations might remind us of sunny hot days and our trips on holiday. Warming reminder in the middle of cold november. All Air Berlin flights are loaded to the RFE. That's our sad goodbye to this company that has recently ceased flight operations.

We have prepared a new great feature in booking system too. "Free-slots" for IFR flights! Simply select the slot which is available for the given hour and then just fill in the arrival and departure airport and you can fly! This feature is perfect, for two pilots who want to fly together.

Book your flights HERE!

If the booking system is not enough for you, do not hesitate and try to get the badge on your IVAO profil for completing the VFR 36H tour. During this VFR 36H tour, you will visit not only the Prague Ruzyne Airport, but also the regional airports and aeroclubs. Throughout the flight you will have the "Prague Information" (LKAA_FSS) available. The requirement is that by the end of the event you must have the final leg of this tour completed. Then you will receive a badge on profile as a reward for you.

The list of legs, rules and reporting system for "CZ VFR 36H Tour 2017" can be found HERE.

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You can get a lot of rewards for participation:

Pilot Events Award


This award will be issued to first 10 most active pilots with the most flown flights booked in our booking system.

Aviation Celebration Tours and Events Award


This award will be issued to all pilots, who will complete at least 10 flights from our booking system. Long-haul flights (flights longer than 4 hours) will be counted as 2 normal flights.

Division VFR Tour Award


This award will be issued to all pilots, who will complete all legs of VFR 36H Tour.

Division Meeting Award


For those, who will visit us at vIATCC room in Kolin we prepared another badge.



Václav Havel Airport Prague (LKPR):

- Freeware scenery (direct link)

- Aerosoft Mega Airport Prague



- Valid charts for LKAA FIR

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